Manage Your website


We offer a great piece of software that enables you to manage your own website. 


A Content Management System, or CMS, is a web application that runs on our server and actions updates that you make to your website, instantaneously.  It is as easy as browing the internet and clicking a few buttons, to add pages, sections, images and text. 


Traditionally, when we first produced some of our early websites, a number of clients would have anannual contract that included all updates on an agreed schedule or frequency.  This is no longer a necessity, you can manage your website and change the content every day, once the CMS is installed, it doesnt cost you a penny more.  So there must be a catch right?  The CMS must cost a heap of money?  Our CMS is installed and implemented at prices which make it accesible for SME's and small startup businesses the world over.


We are very proud of the number of clients who choose to run their website using a CMS, integrated with our custom designs, every day of the year.


If you require an online demonstration of our CMS then please get in touch via email or telephone or complete the online form detailing your requirements.  A CMS can be as simple as running a small website, to larger e-commerce websites with online ordering systems and live credit card transactions iwthin complex shopping cart systems.





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